Tiger Power nominated for the prestigious Belfius Smart Awards 2016.

Tiger Power in the final round to win prestigious price in Belgium 

Heusden, 27th Feb 2017- Tiger Power bagged a nomination for the Belfius Smart Awards 2016 with its scalable plug-and-play energy solutions for remote and temporary applications. The Belfius Smart Awards reward innovative and smart projects that have a positive impact on society. The final winners will be announced on 16 May 2017 during a gala-evening in Brussels. 

Tiger Power’s PURPOSE is to contribute to a better world by creating innovative solutions to bring clean energy to  off- grid locations. Tiger Power’s ambitions are fully aligned and  contribute directly and indirectly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Tiger Power’s VISION is to bring clean energy to remote locations using a “product” approach rather than a “project” approach. Tiger Power’s core products are “building blocks”, easy to install (plug-and-play, container-based) and easily combined with each other as well as with 3rd party storage or production devices. Therefore, they allow to bring scalable plug-and-play energy solutions to a wide range of different settings and applications, without requiring complicated upfront engineering nor high implementation and maintenance skills making Tiger Powers’s solutions quick and easy to roll out and finance. We call this our “POWERCAMP®” approach.


Winners announced on 16 May 2017

Tiger Power is nominated in the category  ‘Smart Company with a turnover below 10 million Euro’.
Mid March 2017 the nominees need to present their project to a professional jury presided by Mr. Ronnie Belmans, professor at the University of Leuven and CEO of EnergyVille. The final winner will be announced during a gala-event in Brussels on 16th May 2017.


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