Remote management

Tiger Power’s operations center gives you round-the-clock oversight and control of the Powercamp® which is serving your power needs on site.

By taking advantage of our operations center, we can help you maximize value through smart operations and information visibility. We can remotely handle the Powercamp® for you making use of our proprietary Analytics Software Suite.

This enables around-the-clock access to information and smarter operations. As a result, we can help you:

  • Maximize energy production
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce lifecycle operations and maintenance costs

We actively supervise and control the production including analysis of fault alerts. By overseeing all Powercamps® – remotely – 7 days a week via specialized Analytics Software Suite, we swiftly react to technical issues in order to optimize the availability and profitability of your assets.

As a customer, you get a dedicated Asset Manager who understands your requirements and has a profound knowledge of your Powercamp®.