Plug & play solar power system for remote applications


When to use Sunfold®?

Sunfold® is a clean energy alternative to the traditional diesel generator sets. Depending on the installation area and the characteristics of the load, Sunfold® can allow you eliminate or substantially reduce the use of diesel generators and the hassle of local fuel supply. Sunfold® matches the flexibility of diesel generators (plug and play, easy transportation) and beats the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) over its lifetime. And Sunfold® is far superior for both the local environment (no noise, no exhaust) and the overall environment (no CO2- emission). So if you care for your budget and the environment, think Sunfold®!

What does Sunfold® do for you?

A standard Sunfold® system houses ca. 4,7 kWp solar PV panels and 11,5 kWh or 15,4 kWh usable storage capacity (at 80% D.O.D.). Depending on the geographical location each Sunfold® system can serve an average daily load of 11 kWh to 27 kWh.

Thanks to the integrated Lead Crystal® battery bank the customer can, within limits, prepone or postpone his electrical consumption. Hence the Sunfold® system can serve an early morning load (before sun rise) as well as an evening or night load (after sunset).

Sunfold technical
features & advantages

Brings clean, cheap and reliable energy to remote locations


Sunfold® beats fuel

The cost of fuel in remote applications cannot be expressed in mere “dollars per liter”. The real cost of fuel-based power generation is in the logistics: supplying and storing the fuel, maintaining the equipment, … all must be considered to get a clear picture on the actual LCOE when using a fueldriven generator. Sunfold® brings significant savings without compromising on system flexibility.


Using state-of-the-art Computer Fluid Dynamics simulations and Finite Elements Analysis according to the European Directive EN1991-1-4:2005. The unique proprietary design is protected and international patents are pending.


The clever design of the Sunfold® makes it possible to transport the systems without the need for any (dis)assembly works nor additional packaging. By stacking 3 Sunfold’s the overall dimensions and corner fittings allow that these Sunfold’s can be transported over sea, rail and road as a normal 20” ISO container without any additional packaging nor handling costs.


Upon arrival on site, Sunfold® can be lifted and fixed onto any standard ISO container with the help of a small crane. Using the same crane Sunfold® can be unfolded and made ready for use in less than 30 minutes. Likewise, Sunfold® can be folded and prepared for relocation within minutes without leaving a trace.