A long-term energy storage unit


When to use Storager®?

Storager® is an innovative long-term energy storage unit that truly unlocks the full potential of decentralized production and usage of renewable energy. Storager® supplies permanent and fail-safe electrical energy with the highest quality of service and so it avoids the necessity of any other
back-up generator.

Storager® can either operate in combination with existing Renewable Energy plants and/or Sunfold®, another Tiger Power Solution. Thanks to Tiger Power’s proprietary EnergyManagement System which is predictive and self-learning you can enjoy worriless 100% clean energy day and night all through the year, up to 20 years long.

What does Storager® do for you?

Storager® is a modular energy storage concept that suits your storage and inlet/outlet power requirements. Storager® can accept up to 25kW inlet power and can power a continuous AC or DC-load of up to 10kW.

Typically, the energy storage capacity based on self-generated hydrogen can vary between 100kWh and 300kWh. Additionally, Storager® is standard equipped with an integrated back-up facility that provides an additional 200kWh autonomy. For example, in case of a continuous load of 3kW the total autonomy is ± 5 days! For larger sites or for higher storage capacities multiple Storagers can easily work in parallel.

main technical features


Predictive and self-learning
energy management system

As Storager® is designed to operate in remote and harsh locations where no supervisory manpower is available, each unit is equipped with a reliable control unit that acts as a local energy dispatcher.

Storager® will also control the energy production and short-term storage by Sunfold® or by a 3rd party Energy plant. Storager® is managed by Tiger Power’s cloud based predictive and self-learning energy Management System with associated user interfaces and apps.


Long-term energy storage principle

Each Storager® houses a complete hydrogen cycle whereby the energy is stored as a pressured gas. Storager® collects, stores and prepares rain water before it is separated noxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored in highpressure vessels and is converted into electricity by letting it react again with oxygen. As such, renewable energy can be stored for longer periods making use of nothing else than rainwater. And as the hydrogen is stored in conventional pressure vessels this unique energy storage concept, unlike batteries, does not suffer from self-depletion.

As the storage and transport of hydrogen within the process is based on differential pressures, Storager® has no moving parts e.g. pumps which makes the system much less prone to failures. Storager® is designed for over 10.000 storage cycles with not more than one maintenance intervention per year.