Analytics software suite

Tiger Power is developing an Analytics Software Suite that delivers comprehensive, accurate and actionable energy intelligence to both the end customer and the Tiger Power Asset Management Team.

This remote monitoring and management platform enables users to examine each POWERCAMP® in order to build a clear and concise view of energy usage for each unit. This level of visibility ensures users can see how the energy is produces, stored and used in order to improve the performance.

The Tiger Power Analytics Software Suite is a cloud-hosted platform with built-in intelligence and self-learning capabilities. It analyzes data and automatically alerts (energy) managers to areas needing attention. The system generates enhanced, flexible and granular reports for each POWERCAMP®.

Data acquisition

To perform proper energy management, good data is everything. The Tiger Power Analytics Software Suite provides you with all the tools needed to ensure the data is ready for analysis.

  • Collect all data and bring in additional information such as renewables data, BMS information, weather parameters or budget figures.
  • Ensure all collected data is correct, reliable and free of discrepancies.
  • Verify, edit, confirm or replace manual and/or automatic energy data coming from meters and data loggers.
  • Avoid erroneous reports and misinterpretation of data

Data insight

The Tiger Power Analytics Software Suite gives energy managers into the energy consumption, trends and anomalies of each POWERCAMP®.

The application guides and assists in detecting and analyzing the production, storage ad usage of energy waste and should suggests corrective actions the improve the performance.

  • Reduce operational cost with an incorporated self-improving mechanism.
  • Extend the lifecycle and maximize the efficiency of the POWERCAMP®.

Data Analytics

The Tiger Power Analytics Software Suite provides for advanced reporting to allow to swift access to consolidated data enabling the presentation for each POWERCAMP®.

  • Present analytical energy data to all levels in the organization.
  • Create own insightful and powerful reports.
  • Spot, analyze and react immediately to energy drift.
  • Build own dashboards and share within the organization.

Mobile application

The Tiger Power Monitoring app for iOS and Android enables monitoring of key metrics for each POWERCAMP® on the go. The app collects data and presents it in a user-friendly interface for smartphones and tablets. It provides for live access to production data for the entire portfolio or drill down to see the status of each POWERCAMP®.

Its allow to monitor conditions such as:

  • Instant Energy production and consumption
  • Energy Storage levels and autonomy
  • Operational status of key components
  • Aggregated energy production and consumption
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Local Solar irradiation, Temperature, Rainfall, Wind speed
  • Etc.