India URJA-Energy opts for SUNFOLD to power its Self Empowerment and Women’s Health projects

URJA in Sanskrit/Hindi means energy. Not just solar, but energy in life and nature. The Indian NGO URJA-Energy started out with goals of going solar, women empowerment, girls education and betterment of communities in Uttar Pradesh.

URJA Energy’s Self Empowerment and Women’s Health project helps women to have locally available, low cost sanitary napkins, produced and managed by SHG women members for safe menstrual hygiene management. This project has a unique combination of social aspect as well income generating activities for a group of women members. This not only educates women about the importance of menstrual and reproductive health but also provides a platform to generate employment. The project believes that when health education is combined with the availability of an option or product, it will ensure greater behavioural change and actual utilization of a clean, safe product (sanitary napkins). Education and awareness is necessary but not sufficient and simply selling sanitary napkins is also not enough. Thus, a combination of behavioural change education with the promotion of a cheap, safe product is a combination approach that is expected to work best.

Current Electricity Scenario
URJA-Energy’ operates in the district of Gorakhpur in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, close to the Indo-Nepal border. The rural un-electrification rate is as high as 68 percent, with 380,000 rural households living in the darkness without access to the grid.
URJA-Energy’s sanitary pad production facilitiy is today powered by the state grid over a weak 2 kW connection. The power from the grid is, on average, only available for 6 to 8 hours per day. During monsoon and summers this further worsens to only 4 hours or less. And even so with very frequent power cuts.


SUNFOLD as the ideal solution to bring quality power to remote locations
Tiger Power will be supplying two plug & play SUNFOLD-systems to URJA-Energy to power its sanitary pad production facilities. In future, URJA-Energy will enjoy reliable and clean energy to ensure the production unit is no longer hampered by the daily power cuts. As part of its commercial roll-out plan in South-Asia, Tiger Power will manufacture and assemble these SUNFOLDs in India.

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