SUNFOLD powers a living camp of a mine in RD Congo

Case Study

This case study shows how the living camp of a mine made-up of 18 containers can be powered by 18 Sunfolds. The annual fuel savings are estimated to ca.73.000€ without comprimising on power availabiity. In order to cope with reduced clean energy availabity during winter months, a small genset of 7,5kW can be considered. The better alternative is to install one or more of Tiger Power’s Storagers that provide long term energy storage.

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POWERCAMP powers an off-grid cell tower in Western Australia

Case Study

This case study presentation outlines the main characterictics of a Powercamp that could power an off-grid cell tower in Western Australia with 100% clean energy; 24 hours a day and this all year long! As shown, the system would compromise of 4 Sunfolds and 1 Storager that together have a self-sufficiency ratio of 99,2%.

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Full Scale Showcase of Powercamp®

A photo collage

We don’t sell hot air. On the contrary, at Tiger Power what you see is what you get. We have a full scale Powercamp® available in Belgium to demonstrate the concept and run real-life tests and validations. This showcase is also being used to develop and fine tune our cloud based predictive and self-learning Energy Management System with associated user interfaces and apps.

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