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Tiger Power brings Affordable and Reliable Clean Energy
to remote locations and applications

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In most cases the technical solution alone does not solve the equation. Tiger Power helps to finance and manage your clean energy assets.

Remote management

Our remote management services give you that worry-free guarantee. It’s a fully outsourced solution: you delegate the technical management of the STORAGER® to us. We take care whilst you enjoy 24x7x52 zero-emission power!

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Tiger Power can help you in attracting and securing the right financing for your investment in Tiger Power products. The specific nature of Tiger Power products (standardized, moveable, durable and with predictable performance) makes them eligible for various types of financing, ranging from asset based leasing to project financing. For selected qualifying cases, based on export financing, Tiger Power can offer you the products on a financed basis, allowing you to pay in installments over a period of up to five years.

Eliminate your dependency on fossil fuels




PowerCamp® outruns any local fuel-based power generation in just a couple of years. Indeed, depending on the actual fuel cost when delivered on-site, thus including transport and possible pilferage, the investment is set-off against the annual fuel cost in approximately 3 to 5 years.


MT magazine 14 Feb 2018

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Sustainable Development Goals as a Business Opportunity

The scale and ambition of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) create a tremendous opportunity for the private sector to demonstrate the central role it plays in human prosperity. Business will serve as an essential partner to meet the challenge of achieving the SDGs.

Tiger Power’s ambitions are fully aligned and  contribute directly and indirectly the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Tiger Power’s VISION is to bring clean energy to remote locations using a “product” approach rather than a “project” approach. Tiger Power’s core products are “building blocks”, easy to install (plug-and-play, container-based) and easily combined with each other as well as with 3rd party storage or production devices. Therefore, they allow to bring scalable plug-and-play energy solutions to a wide range of different settings and applications, without requiring complicated upfront engineering nor high implementation and maintenance skills making Tiger Power’s solutions quick and easy to roll out and finance. We call this our “POWERCAMP®” approach.

Our MISSION is to eradicate a sizeable percentage of these polluting diesel gensets from the face of the Earth by replacing them with the equally reliable, easy-to-implement and more affordable Tiger Power clean energy solutions.


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